Google Tag Manager for Developers

Gaute Gjerløw Remen

Lightning talk - in English

Google Tag Manager is much more than a tool for marketers and companies to track the traffic to their site. What every developer should be aware of is that Google Tag Manager, if implemented correctly on the site, can be used to inject code to rapidly change the looks of a webpage, or even a whole site. The tools is extremly handy for doing live testing of code you want to add, or anything actually.

I am working as a developer and web analyst at iProspect in Oslo. It is a media agency and a part of the Denstu Aegis Network. In this sector everything have to happen very fast and changes need to be deployed almost as soon as an idea is ready to go. With Google Tag Manager I've been able to add surveys to sites without actually touching the code on the pages, inserted scripts to gather certain data, and so on. Marketers use it to track traffic and behavior, but as a developer the sky is the limit.