Agile Coaching Dojo

Geir Amsjø

Short workshop - in English

Many people are Scrum Masters or call themselves Agile Coaches these days. In this workshop you get to practice coaching in an quite intense 90 minutes session. There are several definitions of what Coaching is - here is  my favorite: Coaching is "holding up a mirror" to people so they get a clear view of themselves so that they can act on it. It is for both ambitions and problems. It is about introspection. We are using techniques like Active Listening, Powerful Questions, Deliberate Silence and the GROW model.

"My team does not want to come to daily Scrum meetings" or "how do I get my team to reduce WIP" or "one team member just don´t get it" or "the team are having endless discussion over a to me, trivial problem". Variations of all these questions - and MANY more - do I get quite regularly in Scrum classes and in coaching assignments. So, how can I get them to reflect on and solve these problems without me imposing my preferred solution on them?

In this Dojo we will explore your own concrete issues for exercise (a "kata"). You can choose personal things or work related issues.

You will sit in groups of 3-4 where

* one is the seeker (the person with the kata)

* one is the coach 

* one (or two) is the observer

We will timebox and repeat 3 times so that everybody gets to play all roles.

Beware: We will start the session with agreeing to each other not take the concrete problems outside of the room.

Primarily for: Project managers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches

Participant requirements: An open mind and the courage to be open about problems