Google Analytics and AdWords optimisation with GNU R

Piotr Ĺšpiewanowski

Short workshop - in English

Abstract: Which AdWords should I bid for, and how much? Most online businesses face this big data problem. Building on the experience of eBay, we will understand when standard ROI reports – as presented in Google Analytics – can be misleading, and why controlled experiments help. We then learn how to easily connect the data already present in Google Analytics to GNU R, and get started running our first experiments with a few lines of code. Examples are provided throughout and no prior experience of R or econometrics is assumed.


Skills required

  • Basic Knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Working experience as a software developer, e.g. in Java, C# or Python
  • Prior knowledge of R is not required


Learning goals:

  • Better understanding how business metrics (such as advertising ROI) are defined and how they are calculated in practice.
  • Appreciate how big data techniques contribute to better measurement and hence smarter decisions for the business.
  • Get big data practitioners started in using state of the art econometrics (made simple with GNU R) without requiring complex IT integration projects.

Primarily for: Project managers, Product developers, Managers

Participant requirements: Laptop